The Department condemns the stonings in series

Here is the press release:

Faced with the 75% increase in violent attacks on buses, faced with the 269 incidents (and the term is weak) recorded since the start of the school transport market in August 2021, with the latest sadly daily episodes of violence, the President of the Departmental Council Ben Issa Ousseni renews “its strongest condemnation of this unacceptable violence which rots the daily lives of students, drivers and carriers. My empathy is total for the victims or targets of these unbearable attacks.“, indicates the president, who does not wish to stop there.

Partnership meetings are multiplying with all partners to seek solutions. The Department will also deliberate again at the next Plenary Assembly on November 22, 2022 to specify the terms and conditions for the distribution of the exceptional financial envelope concerning the installation of anti-stone filters on all buses. An agreement in principle is recorded for 80% compensation for services over a period of 48 hours, the time needed to restore the stoned vehicles. Beyond the concrete measures already approved, the Departmental Council undertakes to work with the State to set up a transport police, which is necessary.

In connection with the mayors, a partnership meeting will define the terms of involvement of the municipal police. The setting up of a psychological cell by Transdev is also part of the measures already operational. “It is often recalled that security remains a sovereign responsibility of the State, indicates the president, which is true. However, we take all our responsibilities with all the actors concerned to put an end to these recurring acts which cannot be trivialized or to react when they occur. This goes well beyond questions of skills. We understand the legitimate exasperation of the parents of students and the students themselves, recalls Ben Issa Ousseni. Ours is the same. We are mobilized, vigilant. We intend, alongside everyone, to do what is necessary to improve this recurring situation”, indicates the president.

Remember that the Departmental Council devotes an annual envelope of 46 million to the transport of our children and this without financial compensation.