The deputy for Lot welcomes the Ségur de la Santé measures

On July 20, a 4th monitoring committee of the Ségur de la santé was held. As such, the LREM deputy of Lot Huguette Tiegna wished to review the measures that have been put in place, in particular the resumption of hospital debt. It also mentions the 1.5 million caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes who have been upgraded to the tune of 183 euros net per month and an additional revaluation of the pay scales for all caregivers. Also, 7.6 billion euros annually will be allocated to the upgrading of non-medical professions in public and private medico-social establishments and provides for the recruitment of 15,000 additional staff.

“… allow our caregivers to carry out their missions in better conditions”

“I welcome the implementation of the measures resulting from the Ségur de la santé in July 2020, which were notably co-constructed with the players in the health sector in Lot. This large-scale plan will make it possible to rethink our health system efficiently and allow our caregivers to perform their missions in better conditions, by devoting themselves to patient care and less to administration.

The Ségur agreements are already bearing fruit with the financing of the Gramat hospital, the project to acquire an MRI for the Gourdon hospital and other projects in progress ”is pleased the parliamentarian, in a press release.

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