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The Deputy Minister convicted of defamation after a Facebook post

by archyw

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June 28, 2021 8:52 pm

He had written a post on Facebook in which he criticized a candidate of the Democratic Party in the administrative elections of 2016, Lidia Roscaneanu. Among the comments there were sexist and racist insults against the woman and she, the Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli was sentenced to a 1,032 euro fine and to the payment of 5 thousand euro to the civil party.

This was decided by the Court of Turin which sentenced her for defamation. “It is a great satisfaction, we have been behind this process for 5 years and there is a first starting point that proves us right” said Gianluca Orlando, lawyer of the injured party. There were also other people on trial, so there were minor sentences because, according to the judge, their role was much more marginal and there were also acquittals.

A sentence that the Deputy Minister does not accept and announces the appeal. “It was political criticism and the post, released by the parliamentary account, was based on a story concerning the irregularity of a race that led to the conviction of 8 people”, the exponent of the 5 Star Movement specified.


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