From the LCI design school in Barcelona, ​​newly-baked designers come out every year. This year the school will meet again in a Christmas market where the products of these unique creators can be purchased. One of them is Domingo Rodriguez -Dominnico-, the "Alicante promise" as it is called, because with his designs he has fallen in love with nothing less than the singer and actress Lady Gaga, the models Gigi and Bella Hadid, and the singers Rosalía and Aitana, who have recently placed their bright and colorful creations. If you want a diva dress for the holidays, here you will find it safe.

Aitana with a Dominnico model

The appointment will be on Wednesday 12 December. Throughout the day, the agora of the building will become an artistic exhibition space. In addition to Dominnico there will be Manuel Bolaño, a designer with artisan spirit and with very precious creations that, after being designed for Mango, now directs his signature and is one of the faithful to the 080 Barcelona Fashion, not to mention He has received a few awards from the fashion industry.

Designs by Manuel Bolaño displayed at the footbridge 080 last June

There will also be designers such as Adrià Machado, Barbara Mgm and Anastasia Stepanenko, debutants in fashion.

This Christmas Market will also devote a space to solidarity: books will be sold whose benefits will go to the foundation of the LCI school, to promote child literacy and the education of the most vulnerable people in emerging countries.


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