The Designs of Indonesian Buses Are Admired by the World, Until they are Copy Pasted in Other Countries


Indonesia is not yet able to make bus engines. But in terms of body, Indonesia can be applauded. Because the body designs of buses made in the country’s body are admired by outsiders, so there are countries that have started to believe in importing bus bodies made in Indonesia. Now interestingly again, there are home-made bodies in foreign countries that openly imitate the designs of buses made in Indonesia.

As stated by the owner of PO Sumber Alam, Anthony Steven Hambali, the bus body made in Indonesia is currently experiencing very rapid progress. Even some bus models developed in Indonesia were imitated by other countries’ bodies.



Like the Legacy SR2 Suites Class that launched at GIIAS 2019 Photo: Special

“Because our designs (buses) here are considered good. And in my opinion at this time the bus design from the Indonesian body is no longer oriented to Europe or Japan,” said Anthony at the Press Conference Busworld Southeast Asia 2022, in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/9/2022).

“We have style ourselves and we are proud of that,” continued Anthony.

What Anthony said is true, because there was once a body from Bangladesh who blatantly copied the body of a bus made by the body of Laksana from Ungaran, Semarang.

Sleeper bus is like an imitation of foreign bodybuildersSleeper bus Laksana imitated by local Bangladeshi body Photo: Instagram @buscampindonesia

The body model being imitated is the Laksana Legacy SR2 Suite Class, this model was launched for the first time at the 2019 GIIAS automotive exhibition in Tangerang.

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In terms of appearance, the imitation bus is very similar to the sleeper bus Laksana, which has the characteristics of a floating roof design and a scarf in the style of the Legacy SR2. Even the livery design is very identical. In addition, what is interesting is that the body also embeds Laksana’s original logo and emblem.

If the Indonesian Legacy SR2 Suite Class is usually combined with a Hino or Mercedes-Benz chassis, then the clone version in Bangladesh uses a chassis made by Ashok Leyland whose engine position is still located at the front.