The details of the disclosure Petroleum new Western Sahara.. over 4100 barrels per day

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Detection engineer Hamdy Abdel Aziz, official spokesman of the Ministry of Petroleum, the details of the new disclosure announced by the ministry on Wednesday. Said Abdul Aziz during a raid of a telephone with media Azza Mustafa, programme “Hall of liberation” on the channel echo of the country: “detection of Petroleum located in Abu Sinan Western Sahara, over 4100 barrels per day”. He continued: “Whenever the use of a drilling method of the modern and the latest means of technology as we reach new discoveries.”

He added: “the president’s attention since his assumption of the government of the petroleum sector in accordance with the vision, and helped return stability to Egypt, the rise of the sector”, notably “giving our partners the receivables backlog, which was $ 6.3 million, and 900 million at the end of June 2019”.

Continued: “We don’t have any problem regarding the supply of Petroleum and Natural Gas 5 years ago, and the value of import of gas was up to $ 2 billion annually”, noting that oil minister confirmed Egypt’s support market world oil.



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