The devastating prediction of an astrologer about the Argentine National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “Dire power”

the astrologer Carlos Oliva He turned to his social networks to explain that there are two “disastrous” cycles, one of 8 years and another of 20 that will intersect this year at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that will affect the national team.

The celebration of the Saudis seen from the inside and with a Cordovan look

Guillermo Valbuena is Argentine, but he has lived in the capital of the Arab country for six years. The Cordovan from the General Paz neighborhood told Radio Miter Córdoba what his experience was like in the midst of the celebrations of the Saudis for the almost historic milestone.

“Cycles of 8 years since 1934 affected the Argentine team, as I mentioned a long time ago. We have like this for 8 years: 1934, 1942, 1950, 1958, 1966, 1974, 1982, 1990, 1998, 2006, 2014… 2022. For 20 years: 1942, 1962, 1982, 2002… 2022. Resulting in 2 lost finals, a couple of not participating for reasons of force majeure, and controversial eliminations in others. Now both cycles come together… we will see if they end or if they continue with their nefarious power; I think it will be the latter, unfortunately,” Oliva explained on his Instagram account.

A photo of Antonela Roccuzzo with her children was leaked at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “Concern”

Lionel Messi’s wife was present at Argentina’s debut at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The photo of Antonela Roccuzzo and her three children caught the attention of many fans.

The prediction was made prior to the match in which Argentina fell to Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the zone that is completed by Mexico and Poland. The second game in the area was tied, so the National Team still has chances to qualify first, but they will have to win the next games and “beg” so that the Saudis do not continue their positive streak.

His latest prediction revealed that Germany will win the match against Japan. “Until breaking the orderly scheme and discipline of the Japanese, @dfb_team they will look black. But since they find a way around everything, with tenacity and a resilient mentality, the Japanese will see their intentions frustrated, they will not have an Asian feat, and they will not be able to stand up against the Germans, who have no negative stars for this day. I hope to see you come out smiling and relieved from this confrontation”, wrote the astrologer. After these words, many await the final result to see if they “believe him” or continue waiting for the “milagro silver”.

Alex Caniggia defended Dibu Martínez after the defeat of the Argentine National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “You ate it doubled”

After the tough defeat in the Qatar 2022 World Cup of the Argentine National Team against Saudi Arabia, Alex Caniggia dedicated a strong message to the goalkeeper.