The developers will adjust the balance and economy in the "Mortal Kombat 11". Reedus


Now all journalists are hacking at the new Mortal Kombat 11, but some critics have expressed concern about getting a single player awards. They say that it is difficult to get cosmetic items in the game, given the current ratio of time and reward. Therefore, the developers commented on the economy and the difficulty of obtaining awards in the Crypt.

Thus, the game edition Game Informer is concerned that the increased difficulty of passing and the too small amount of crystals that the journalist received as a reward for passing the story mode does not allow to buy many of the items in the store. Hence, the publication is concerned that this may encourage players to spend a lot of money on microtransactions.

Studio NetherRealm notes the problems stated by gamers and promises that it plans to fix them. A quick patch promises to fix Crypt and the Time Tower so that they are more profitable and less complex.

Ed Boone shared the news with Kombat Kast. AT tweet it says that the upcoming fix will affect the "super-complexity of the Time Tower, and there will be improved rewards in Crypt." He added that the studio seeks to roll out the patch within the next hours, rather than days, so the players of the first day are likely to be relieved from headaches.

In the final, Kombat Kast also announced the last playable character Frost. She is a hidden character who does not appear in the main list and is unlocked as you progress through the story mode.


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