The development of an adhesive on the skin to prevent pregnancy may be sung millions of women for daily pills


Doctors have developed a new method of contraception that works by sticking, which can replace the pill and reduce the burden of taking the daily pill for millions of women.

The new patch, according to the Daily Mail website, is a small piece of adhesive covered with tiny needles that stick to the skin and the effect lasts for a month, which doctors have tested on mice and has been a success, and thus can be enriched by millions of women to remember to take the pill every day.

Photo Daily Mail for contraceptive adhesive
Photo Daily Mail for contraceptive adhesive

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that the needles were safely dissolved in their experiments in mice, unveiled in January.

Nine out of 10 women given the device that sticks to the skin said they prefer to use it over daily pills, and none of the women in the study revealed any problem with applying the patch to their skin.

Tests on the same device found that it boosted the levels of hormones needed to prevent pregnancy in mice, releasing the contraceptives into the blood for 30 days and replacing them each month.

Paste prevent dreaming
Contraceptive adhesive

The new adhesive is made up of current forms of contraceptives in that it uses tiny needles to dissolve the drug in the bloodstream, and implants small biodegradable microns under the skin and releases just 5 seconds after the release of contraceptives, the first of its kind to work this way.

Many women do not take the pill in time every day, which greatly reduces its effectiveness, and as a result, long-acting contraceptives such as transplantation often get approval from gynecologists now.

If proven to work in humans, it has the potential to improve access to effective contraceptives because of its simplicity.



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