More than 150 people were present this Tuesday, January 9, for the traditional greeting of Gérard Ground, the mayor of Mignaloux-Beauvoir. Before the speeches, the representatives of the constituted bodies and the leaders of the associations mignaliennes were able to appreciate the musical note given by the choir of L. A. Mid. Gerard Ground then opened the speeches and vows, recalling the major principles that guide the action of its city council. “With the motto of the Republic, solidarity, secularism and tolerance are the cement and the cohesion of our society “. The course of the implementation of important community projects is maintained, with the introduction of the RAM (relay childminders), the renovation of the nursery, the improvement of the quality of life and sustainable development with the adoption of the charter of the shaft. It is also necessary to prepare for the future of the territory with the creation of the new urban community in 40 municipalities. Solidarity is also an important focus, the success of the home of a group of migrants from the Sudan, is the example. The subject of the completion of the exit road East of Poitiers (the old deviation of Mignaloux) could not be avoided. The basin of the new urban community represents 2/3 of the jobs in the Vienna, many of which on the East of Poitiers, with the UHC and the university. After a meeting with the minister of transport, the opinions seem to converge to restart the project.

Alain Claeys, president of Grand Poitiers and mayor of Poitiers, after having thanked Gérard Ground for the quality of his work within the urban community, insisted on the realization of the very important output of Poitiers, on the road Poitiers-Limoges. “This deviation will beIn the dialogue, the dialogue and the pedagogy, but the general interest is not the sum of particular interests. The plan contract must be respected, and we will make sure “. The evening concluded with a buffet and very friendly.

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