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"The devil takes the rebellious son" Gilles Leroy

Continuing his exploration of America, Gilles Leroy finds one of his favorite themes, the devastation of what will be said.

• The Devil takes the rebellious son, Gilles Leroy, Mercure de France, 144 p., 15 €

Like a forest fire, a running noise can shave everything in its path. After plunging into the nest of Hollywood vipers, where the slightest gossip is enough to grill the most solid reputation (In Westerns), Gilles Leroy is still the rumor the home of his inspiration.

It is in the flames that everything begins. A mother, Lorraine, burns one by one the affairs of her eldest son, Adam, hoping that in this blaze will burn up the scandal to come. Adam is homosexual. Lorraine always knew it but did not want to see it. Her sisters-in-law will take it out of denial by telling her "Depraved practices", supposedly to protect it, actually to destroy it.

A trail of powder

Because they know that in the small town of Wisconsin where the family lives – vivote would be more accurate to qualify the infernal circle of odd jobs, appointments with social services, convocations to the bank, visits of the ushers … -, the stories have the value of definitive truth. That an acquaintance has seen this, that a neighbor has heard that, and the news spreads like wildfire. This is how Lorraine's reputation was lodged in the heads: "Ignorant and unclean trail", a "Witch" …

And if the first culprit of this rout was his own son? "Wait to drool, my poor," she was already warning a colleague at birth. The eldest of the siblings has always been "His cross", All the more difficult for Lorraine because she is the favorite of her husband, whose exclusive love she wants.

A mother in despair

A puny, sick boy, dispelled in class, Adam became a turbulent teenager, multiplying fugues, arrests, provocations. And "This mania that the scammer had to work with dunces, dogs without collar and social cases," Lorraine plague. At home, anxiety and fear have turned into contempt and disgust, all diluted in sedatives and sedatives. "Antichagrins".

Gilles Leroy who,Alabama Song to Nina Simone and Zola Jackson, has proven his talent to give voice to women, made that of a mother in despair, actually less eaten by the homosexuality of his son than the blows of fate that have enamelled his existence. Through this litany, between confession and long prayer addressed to God, The Devil takes the rebellious son tells, without judging or condemning, lives suffered in shame and remorse, under the indifferent and mocking eye of fate.

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