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The differences between Gerardo Martino and Juan Carlos Osorio in less than 40 days of the 'Tata' in front of the Tricolor

MEXICO – In less than 40 days at the helm of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo Martino has already begun to leave his mark and his way of working that contrasts with the methods and forms of Juan Carlos Osorio. The changes are remarkable in the Tri in terms of speech, styles and messages, in the absence of what is done in the field of play and, of course, the results.

The Argentine strategist already showed his cards and explains each of them if he is asked or questioned. At no time has he referred to the Colombian, much less. The only thing that has been transmitted are his ideas and these are the ones that contrast with the coffee strategist, who was in charge of the Tri for almost three years.

Gerardo Martino had his first contact with the Tri players after three years with Osorio Imago7

Hermetic in your workouts
Martino made it clear that his practices will be behind closed doors to prevent the spotlight from going into an altercation that may occur between the players, something that he analyzed as completely normal due to the intensity with which he trains. It is a very different position from the one Juan Carlos Osorio had at the time, who sometimes had no problem in showing his weapons in the Tri's trials. "Generally the training sessions are closed because there is a dynamic or friction and if one occurs, opinions of that will be exchanged and not of what the training was done. I do not know how many journalists are interested in tactical issues and how many are interested in the other, "Martino explained.

No problem for the fate of the players
In his three years as head of the Tri, Juan Carlos Osorio was very insistent that one of his most fervent desires was that more Mexican players militated in the main leagues of Europe and, above all, had constant activity. Martino, on the other hand, indicated that this is something he does not interfere with, because he respects and values ​​the decisions of the players. "The soccer players have two reasons: the personal ones and the professionals. We do not know the personal and even the professionals each one has their way of thinking and I do not pay attention to what they think and where they play, they decide, it is not common for me to tell them where they play. It is preferable that they play where they are convinced they can do well, "said the Argentine in this regard.

Communicate with the practical
One of the main characteristics of Juan Carlos Osorio was to explain in detail about the rivals, what he was looking for from the Mexican team and how he would face their matches. The new helmsman of the Tri does not give many clues in that sense and only talks about what they ask without going into more topics. "We trained different forms of defensive departures with the idea of ​​being a team that always elaborates its game with the departure of the goalkeeper", analyzed on what worked in the three days of training with the Mexican combined.

Without convincing anyone to wear the Tri's shirt
While Osorio exposed on several occasions how valuable it was to have each of the players in Europe, regardless of whether or not they wanted to wear the coat of the Tri, Martino was very clear and assured that in his management at no time will seek to convince someone to that plays for the national team. "For us ('Chicharito') is a player who is very considerate and on the other hand, I do not see that we have to enthuse from the place of the coach of the National Team because the enthusiasm comes from the fact of being called to the National Team . That's enough motivation, "he said.

Clear message for all
Since his arrival at the Tri, the Argentine strategist assured that he will summon both the most constant and good players as well as those who do not have as much activity in Europe, but who have consistent performances and work in the Mexican team. Osorio, on the other hand, expressed that he would only summon the best, although in the end he chose in a similar way. "There may be players who are called and are not playing, but normally those who are playing and others who have proven their performance in the National Team will come," Martino said Wednesday.



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