The digital health agency acts for nurses

The dematerialization, exchange and sharing of health data pose major challenges for the improvement of your care. These challenges involve improving the coordination of the care team around the patient / user as well as better “city / hospital” coordination, by better information for the patient / user, by decompartmentalization of the health sectors and the hospital. medico-social.
These issues must serve healthcare professionals to facilitate exchanges by bringing them simplicity, security and time savings in their daily practice.
The Agence du Numérique en Santé (Digital Health Agency) co-constructs with actors in the health and medico-social sectors the benchmarks for a serene and sustainable growth of e-health.

Your e-health challenges

  • Fluidification
  • Simplification
  • Security
  • Time saving

What the ANS is doing to meet your challenges

  • Obtain a national identifier: Discover the RPPS
  • Obtain a CPS health professionals card: you can benefit from a health professional card, allowing you to access digital services (eg: transmission of electronic treatment sheets for liberal professionals, access to DMP, INSi, etc. ). Discover the CPS
  • Obtain authentication on the go: Discover the e-CPS

Referral of nurses to RPPS and decommissioning of ADELI


Between the end of 2021 and 2022, all ADELI professionals will be gradually integrated into the RPPS repository, which will ultimately lead to the decommissioning of the ADELI repository.
The RPPS repository will become the only national repository for professionals involved in the health system.

Project display

The project consists of switching nurses from the ADELI directory to the RPPS directory subject to registration with the order.

Professionals registered with ONI will be assigned a unique and lasting RPPS number. Today their ADELI number changes according to their department and their profession. The ADELI number will then become obsolete, and will no longer be assigned to professionals. Each RPPS number assigned during the switch will be matched with the last known ADELI number (s).

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Nurses not registered with the ONI after the changeover will not have an RPPS number and will no longer appear in the national “Health Directory” repository.

The obligation to register with the order is enshrined in the Public Health Code: Article L4112-5 of the Public Health Code, made applicable to nurses by article L4311-28: Article L4311-15 of the Code of public health.

Manage your professional health cards

Do you want to report the loss, theft or a card malfunction concerning one of your employees directly online?

Go to support

You want to authenticate by e-CPS

Any professional whose identity is registered in the Health Directory can activate their e-CPS. It allows them to have their digital professional identity on their smartphone to respond to mobile work situations, and therefore to access their national and regional services in a secure manner (the services are gradually being connected to the e-CPS).

For information on the activation of the e-CPS: discover the e-CPS

You wish to obtain a health professionals card (CPS)

First of all, you must be registered with your order and identified if you need to order a card.

flowchart explaining the different scenarios for the allocation of a health professionals card for nurses

If you need to order a card: contact us by email [email protected] to request it.
In order for your request to be processed, please provide us with your RPPS number.
You will find your RPPS number in your nursing area on the ONI Portal. For information, there is a delay between your registration with ONI and the issuance of your RPPS number.

Contact us

The questions you ask yourself

The ANS answers the most frequently asked questions.

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