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“The Dijon basin concentrates 15% of hiring intentions in the region”

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As every year with the approach of the summer holidays, Pôle Emploi publishes a survey on employers’ recruitment plans at the national level. And it turns out that our employers in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, and more precisely in Côte-d’Or, intend to recruit quite a bit in the coming weeks. Explanations with the boss of Pôle Emploi in the department, Jean-François Locatelli.

The hotel and catering industry and tourism in deconfinement mode

“We are in a dynamic region, marked by certain sectors, very different from one basin to another. If we take the Côte-d’Or, tourism, restaurants and hotels are very significant sectors, but if we look at the territory of the former Franche-Comté, we see that the industry is also recruiting. Three other sectors have held up well during the crisis, construction, health and transport. These are recruiting sectors, everything like agriculture and more precisely viticulture on the coast of Beaune. ”

With the second phase of de-containment looming, job offers are numerous in cafes, restaurants and hotels in Côte-d’Or. “Candidates who wish to focus on these professions can quite respond to them, and spontaneously apply to employers who are still looking for staff, for all jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry, from receptionist to waiter. by way of cook. ”

The Dijon employment pool alone concentrates 15% of hiring projects throughout the region, 14,000 hiring intentions in total, and this inevitably attracts candidates from all neighboring territories, from Montbardois to Auxois. passing through the Haute-Saône.

No more permanent contracts, more long fixed-term contracts

Another good news is the expected increase in permanent hires: “The survey also shows that compared to 2019, the reference year, the prospects for hiring on permanent contracts are greater, at 53% against 49%. We also talk a lot about long fixed-term contracts, over 6 months”, explains Jean-François Locatelli.

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But to say that there is a direct link to the fall in unemployment, there is a step that the expert does not dare to take. “For me it is a shortcut. We are witnessing more changes in categories, we can find a temporary job, but for all that we remain job seeker, so the unemployment rate does not necessarily vary downward. ”

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