the Dijon establishment which advocates solidarity

In Dijon, the Social Bar opened its doors a few months ago. The leitmotif is friendliness and solidarity, so it brings together isolated people. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to finance the project.

At the Social Bar, the watchword is conviviality. The bar opened its doors in Dijon in March 2022, this is the place “where we make friends“.

Currently and until July 20, the bar has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund projects left hanging. Of the 80,000 euros targeted, more than 30,000 have already been raised via the platform.

The experience begins the moment you enter. In the evening, the team of the establishment distributes a card with the mode of operation of the bar. To encourage interaction, customers must stick each other a badge with three topics chosen by the bar team. We present the cards to people when they arrive in the evening. It allows you to go and ask a favor from someone you don’t knowexplains Eloïse Dubuet, manager of the bar.

It was in Paris that Éloïse Dubuet was seduced by the concept. She was an engineer there before wanting to change careers. She therefore returned to her native region, Burgundy, with the concept of the Social Bar in her suitcases.

What’s great about this bar is that it allows people who perhaps don’t see each other in everyday life to meet, to talk at least for an evening.

Éloïse Dubuet, manager of the Social Bar in Dijon

Open Monday to Saturday from 12 noon, the bar is often busy in the evening. Games, blind tests and karaoke usually keep the bar open until two in the morning. This plurality of events creates reasons for people of all ages to meet. “We have regular customers who are over 70 years old.“says the manager of the Social Bar in Dijon.

As soon as a person invests in the bar up to a minimum of 100 euros, he becomes a shareholder and co-owner. 15% of annual profits are donated to associations chosen by the co-owners. They will make profits in particular thanks to a “Happy Hour Solidarity”. Every day between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., customers can choose to pay the normal price of their consumption instead of the happy hour price. The money earned in addition will be donated to Speak, an association that fights against violence against minors.

The concept has existed for six years now, but the health crisis has further highlighted social isolation. The bar therefore presents itself as a place that offers a space for new encounters, especially for those who can easily isolate themselves, such as people with disabilities, refugees or even the elderly.

On the spot, we find Nicolas, cIt’s the first time he’s been to the Social bar and he’ll be back. Nicolas already knew Eloïse Dubuet, the manager of the bar. “I came to eat here for lunch because I was alone. I think it’s nice to create a little bond” he reveals.

For lunch, Nicolas had a beetroot hummus and grilled eggplant, which he recommends without hesitation. “We come there and we say to ourselves that we will meet cool people either around a meal or around activities in the evening“.

The Dijon social bar is the fourth establishment opened by the chain. In 2021, they are creating a conviviality school in Paris to train the conviviality agents of tomorrow, a profession invented by the social bar.

Courses range from two hours to one year. Volunteers in civic service or professionals of social ties are the target of this school of conviviality. The aim of the training is to train people who are already working or who wish to have a job related to reception or sales.

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