The direct 6 engine is a test drive of the BMW M2 coupe prototype car inherited from the M4. Is it 1650kg at 450ps?Part 2

Low and good driving position

The next model BMW M2 that was allowed to test drive. When I opened the disguised door, a thick cloth-covered interior awaited me. I was able to drive both an 8-speed AT and a 6-speed MT, but I can’t tell you about the interior materials and tailoring.

At least, the driving position is low and it gives a good impression. The positional relationship between the steering wheel and pedals is also good. The instrument panel is a monitor type and has a head-up display, but this was also high-definition and easy to see.

BMW M2 Coupe Prototype (European Specification)

The seat has a general design for BMW, and it is easy to adjust the position. It is comfortable to sit on and has side bolsters that firmly support your thighs and back even in corners.

A carbon shell bucket seat that can be selected with M3 or M4 can be equipped as an option. The seat surface becomes lower and you can settle into a better driving position. Lateral support is also greatly improved.

This bucket seat also sits comfortably and is clearly effective when driving on a circuit. If you are a driver who wants to enjoy a weekend driving event, you can choose without hesitation. Although getting on and off is sacrificed to some extent.

The test drive schedule prepared by BMW is two sessions around the Austrian circuit, Salzburgring. Comparing AT and MT. I was not allowed to go out on public roads.

Even so, high-speed corners and low-speed corners are combined in a series of gradients that flew into change. It can be said that it is a place where you can check the chassis balance.

Denseness of driving a high-performance model

When I went out to the course, the moody thing at the beginning changed completely. It has been revealed that it has very dynamic characteristics. The restrictions imposed by the weight of the vehicle seem to have been minimized.

At the same time, it is decisively different from the impression of superb agility and fluency established by the compact M2 of the previous generation. It seems to be a finish that is closer to the driver by increasing the calmness while improving the accuracy of maneuvering more than before.

BMW M2 Coupe Prototype (European Specification)
BMW M2 Coupe Prototype (European Specification)

It is certainly inferior in power, size and speed compared to M3 and M4. However, he is not defeated by the sensuous density of manipulating a high-performance model himself.

The faster the pace, the deeper the feeling of driving with your hands and feet, as well as the loud sound and power. The body keeps flat even in the corners and turns sharply. Still, the ride quality doesn’t feel very hard.

Faithfully follow the intended line, and the adaptive damper will parry the raised part in the middle of the corner. The rear tires, which were a little restless in the previous generation, follow the road surface flexibly.

Until now, the only M2 equipped with an adaptive damper was the final CS. However, in the latest version, which became standard equipment, buttons marked M1 and M2 were added to the steering wheel. With one touch, you can completely change the characteristics of the car.

Clear the circuit at high speed while maintaining consistent behavior that gives the driver confidence. There is no shortage of information transmitted to the palm, and it is gradual even in the limit area of ​​the grip.

Power performance without any doubt