The director of the Jurques zoo awarded the tourism gold medal

More than forty years of work, this is what came to reward the gold medal of tourism, given to Claude Ourry, Friday October 22, 2021, CEO of the zoo of Jurques (municipality of Dialan-sur-Chaîne), installed since 1977 between Caen and Vire.

“The Ourry family has made it a major tourist site, with original economic activities which contribute to the protection of endangered animal species for some, commented Alain Tourret, deputy of the constituency, who presented the decoration on behalf of the Secretary of State in charge of tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. This place is a tourist spot, but also a very dynamic place of awareness for all generations. The wealth that is offered to visitors, we owe it to the efforts developed by the Ourry family. “

Jurques zoological park, a family story

For many years, Jurques Zoological Park has been involved in 25 animal protection programs, both globally and locally. It also subsidizes associations that work to reintroduce animals into their natural environment.

photo claude ourry, ceo of jurques zoo, received the tourism gold medal.  © west-france

Claude Ourry, CEO of Jurques zoo, received the tourism gold medal. © Ouest-France

The Jurques zoo is above all the story of a family. “It started in 1960. Auguste Ourry is an ornamental poultry breeder in Lessay, in La Manche, and is passionate about exotic animals. He then founded the Lessay zoo, and in order to welcome new species, he moved, in 1977, to Jurques, to a place called La Cabosse, in an area of ​​17 ha ”, traces Alain Tourret.

Claude, his son, took over in the 1980s. Today, Guillaume and Mathieu, the grandsons, continue to develop the zoo, which is currently one of the most popular tourist sites in Normandy. « Each year, work is undertaken to improve the comfort of animals and that of visitors, with an average of 120,000 visitors per year. “



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