The disappearance of the argentine submarine turns into a national tragedy

The disappearance of the argentine submarine turns into a national tragedy


The disappearance of the submarine war San Juan in the Atlantic ocean, with 44 crew members on board, increasingly concerned by the argentine authorities. The ship has not given sign of life since Wednesday 15 November, there are now eight days. However, in theory, if it is in immersion, he has only seven days of oxygen supplies.

Yesterday, the 22nd of November, the officers of the navy have revealed that “anomaly sonar” had been detected in the area where the San Juan on November 15, three hours after the last communication received. The argentine navy has applied to the United States and various agencies of the acoustic surveys of the day of the disappearance, she had received yesterday.

An explosion of the batteries ?

The spokesman for the navy declined to speak of explosion : “I can’t make any conjecture”, he stated, reflected by the daily Clarín, which title, however : “The navy investigation to determine if there has been an explosion on the day of the disappearance.” the daily La Nación, which cites “browsers veterans”, “this is the sound powerful enough to have been detected on the surface would be compatible with an explosion inside the submarine”. the “An explosion of the batteries is the hypothesis the most alarming”, title of the journal.

engaging families

Fourteen ships, 12 planes and 4 000 men are involved in the search that have received the support of 13 countries, Germany, the United Kingdom, passing by Chile and Colombia. Dozens of relatives of the sailors for several days in front of the naval base of Mar del Plata, the home port of the San Juan. According to another article in La Nación, they do not spare the authorities : ‘We are hoping for a miracle and that my brother will return, with all the crew’ explains Elena Alfaro, the sister of a sub-officer of the San Juan, ‘but what is the president ? Why haven’t they reacted sooner ?’

Fernando Pino Solanas, the president of the commission of parliamentary Defence, quoted also by The Holderón,, judge that “this tragedy is the consequence of the abandonment of a defence policy” and critical of the fact that Argentina spends only 0.9 per cent GDP to the military budget.

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