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The discovery of a substance that prevents the spread of cancer

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The discovery of a substance that prevents the spread of cancer

University Hospital and University Basel

Cluster of cancer cells

Scientists at the University of Basel have discovered a substance that inhibits the formation and spread of metastases or secondary foci of malignancies that appear in the final stage of cancer.

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Study reveals women most vulnerable to breast cancer!

According to MedicalXpress, carriers are responsible for 90% of cancer deaths. The cells express the spread of cancer cells through the blood stream in new tissues away from the primary tumor, and connect these cells together, forming clusters of "clusters" cause the metastasis of the disease.

The researchers found that the main role in the formation of these groups is due to the mechanism of genetic control, which makes separate cancer cells similar to stem cells, which helps in adhering to tissue and division. The destruction of these clusters to individual cells has proven to inhibit the mechanism.

The researchers tested 2,486 medical preparations approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and found that the inhibitory substance Na + / K + ATPase when tested in laboratory mice, analyzed the clusters of discrete cells. Now, the researchers plan to test them on patients with breast cancer.

Source: Agencies


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