VATICAN CITY – The Vatican said Tuesday that renovations were being made near its embassy in Italy to find human bones reviving the conversation about one of the Holy See's most enduring secrets – the fate of a 15-year-old daughter of an employee who disappeared in the Vatican in 1983 ,

In the latest twist in a case that has put investigators at risk for 35 years, the Vatican said Rome's chief prosecutor had been called in, and forensic investigators are working to determine the age and gender of the bones and the date of death.

The Vatican statement did not mention the girl Emanuela Orlandi, but the Italian media immediately linked her unresolved disappearance with the discovery of the bones. The Vatican said only that the bones were found while working near his Roman embassy in the upscale residential area of ​​Parioli.

Orlandi disappeared after leaving the apartment of the Vatican City family to attend a music lesson in Rome. Her father was a lay official of the Holy See.

Over the years, her case was connected with everything, from the intention of the St. John Paul II. To kill, to the financial scandal of the Vatican Bank and the criminal underworld of Rome.

The last big turn in this case came in 2012 when examiners exhumed the corpse of an alleged gangster from the tomb of a Roman basilica, hoping to find remains of Orlandi. The search did not result in a link.

Recently, a leading Italian investigative journalist caused a sensation when he published a five-page document stolen from a locked Vatican cabinet last year, claiming that the Holy See had been involved in the disappearance of Orlandi. The Vatican immediately labeled the document as a forgery, although it was never explained what it did in the Vatican Cabinet.

The document was allegedly written by a cardinal and listed the alleged expenses that were spent on Orlandis keep after she disappeared.

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