The discovery of essential elements of life in samples taken from an asteroid

(MENAFN- Akhbar Al Khaleej)

Amino acids, essential for life on Earth, discovered in samples of material taken from an asteroid By a Japanese space probe in 2019, according to a Japanese scientific study published Friday.

This study, conducted by researchers under the supervision of Okayama University (western Japan), indicates that these amino acids And other organic materials from the asteroid Ryugu ‘could give clues to the origin of life on Earth’. .

The study pointed out that “the discovery of amino acids capable of forming proteins is important, because Ryugu did not It is exposed to the Earth’s biosphere, unlike meteorites,” according to this study.

Therefore, “its discovery proves that some of these elementary elements for life on Earth could have been… Formed in space environments,” according to the same source.

The researchers said they identified 23 different types of amino acids in 5.4 grams of rock samples And the black dust collected on the asteroid Ryugu by the Japanese probe “Hayabusa 2”, which… His capsule returned to Earth at the end of 2020 with its precious cargo after a six-year mission.

The asteroid “Ryugu” (“Dragon Palace” in Japanese) was discovered in 1999 and is located More than 300 million kilometers from our planet and less than 900 meters in diameter.

Scientists believe that some of the asteroid material was formed about five million years after the birth of our solar system It is heated above 100°C.

According to another study published Thursday by the American magazine “Science”, the material taken from Ryugu has Its chemical composition is more similar to that of the photosphere than that of the Sun in meteorites.

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Astrobiologist and professor emeritus at Yokohama National University Kensei Kobayashi told AFP that the samples Ryugu “give reason to believe that amino acids came to Earth from space.”


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