Near the Executive Committee of the PSD from 29 to 31 January and the tensions increasingly high in terms of the situation at the Interior ministry, where Carmen’s Dan has been asked to resign, led to the beginning of the emerging camps of the PSD in the dispute Tudose-Dragnea.

Among the supporters of Mihai Tudose in terms of restructuring Government are the leaders that Marian Oprisan (president PSD Vrancea), Adrian Tutuianu (president PSD Dâmboviţa) or Marcel Ciolacu (president PSD Buzau and deputy prime minister). Also, a supporter of the restructuring of the Government is and Niculae Bădălău, the number two in the party, the one who wants the PSD to “reduce the bureaucracy”, but that is not the agreement and demand the resignation of Carmen Dan. Bădălău him and criticized the Ones he took alone the decision of the demand of the resignation and not expected to be voted on by the Executive Committee.

on The other hand, the president of PSD, Liviu Dragnea, enjoys the support of a good part of the leaders of the territory. And for a support as high, Dragnea is joined by deputy prime minister Paul Stănescu in a tour through the counties of Moldova, where will be talking with the heads of organizations such as Suceava, Botosani, Bacau, Vaslui, Neamt.

the First president of the subsidiary and has declared its unconditional support for Liviu Dragnea was the head of the SDP Arad, Dorel Goatherd, who holds the position of chairman of the defense Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. “Maybe some have forgotten that a year ago, days, with Liviu Dragnea at the helm of the party, the PSD obtained the best result in its history. With Liviu Dragnea in the office of the president, the PSD obtained the government, with the ALDE, and mr Tudose obtained the post of prime minister. How to live after a battle so hard, that we all know how much I suffered, to ask for beheading the general who led you to victory?“, he said the Goatherd.

Opportunity of Paul Stanescu?

Deputy prime minister Paul Stanescu is showing all the signs that she’s with Liviu Dragnea , while in their tour through the counties of Moldova has appeared on the sources of information that the current minister of Regional Development might be a choice for taking over the leadership of the Government. However, Stanescu denied the information: “it’s a distraction, a manipulation. The president never Dragnea has not discussed that I should be the proposal of the prime minister. Secondly, you should know, as I age and colleagues I know that I’m a serious man and I don’t want this. For now, the Romanian Government works, we have a prime minister Mihai Tudose. Who manipulates and leads the diversion in this area I don’t think I do well and we don’t do well neither as a party nor as a country”, said Stanescu, according to Agerpres. On the other hand, the deputy prime minister said bluntly that the Interior minister should not resign.

another leader who spoke out against the resignation of Carmen Dan is the president of the PSD Bistrita-Nasaud, Emil Moldovan, the one who said that the minister of the Interior must remain on its function, according to the statement.

last but Not least, one of the most vocal social-democrats in the last few days has been Dumitru Buzatu, president PSD Vaslui and head of the CJ Vaslui. Known as a close friend of his Dragnea, Buzatu pointed out that if the situation in the PSD remain at the stage of now, the party leadership should demand the resignation of Tudose. “Unfortunately, the evolution of this conflict is headed for a denouement didn’t really liked it and if will continue in this way, I mean a minister trying to take steps in a ministry and the prime minister demanding his resignation, it remains the case that CEX of the PSD to ask for the resignation of prime minister,” said Buzatu for Mediafax. Of alltfel, Buzatu and other leaders in the region have spoken with Dragnea about the situation in the party with the occasion of the birthday Ionel Arsene (president PSD Neamt and supporter of his Dragnea) in less than a week.

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