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Formally, the preventive and mandatory social distancing (DISPO) begins this Monday in various regions of the country, such as the AMBA. As a result, a new stage of greater reopening is opened both in the City and in the province. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta continues adding school activities.

From this Monday – according to the Official Gazette – there will be a gradual reopening of the classrooms. In the case of kindergartens, early stimulation encounters for a child with a teacher plus a companion will be set up. In the 3 and 4-year-old rooms, sports, recreational, recreational and artistic activities will be carried out in the open air in bubble groups of up to 8 children.

Until the close of the 2020 school year, the duration of the activity will be two hours. Same modality for second to sixth grade, primary school, and second to fourth year plus fifth year of techniques in secondary schools. The city also provided counseling activities for adults and for special education.

Among the justifications of The head of the Buenos Aires government on the new stage highlighted that the average of new cases per day fell from 800 to 450 and the R from 0.95 to 0.85. Likewise, in Uspallata they see with good eyes that the intensive care occupation of the public system is around 30%.

One of the novelties is the social gatherings, since (with a maximum of 10 people) they are enabled in private homes and always outdoors, in gardens, patios and terraces. The playgrounds in squares will open with protocols. They will have maximum capacity according to their size. Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces will be reinforced.

Group sports outdoors can also be performed by more than 10 people and sharing elements in public and private institutions without capacity (gyms, sports centers, clubs). “No use of changing rooms. Competitions are allowed, but without an audience “, clarified from the Buenos Aires Executive.

In the province, meanwhile, the auxiliary personnel from private homes (multi-domicile) will return. They will also open the restaurants and bars inside with capacity. There will be collective sports activities for up to 10 people in closed spaces. Axel Kicillof He also ordered the expansion of private construction (new works, all kinds of works). For the moment gyms will be closed.

From the Nation they recalled that distancing is key to keeping the health situation contained. They also emphasized the use of the mask. Public transport, they recalled, will remain exclusively for essential workers.



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