The dive is over: prices for petrol and diesel rise in June

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The dive is over: prices for petrol and diesel rise in June

• Evaluations by Clever Tanken show: petrol prices rose by 7 cents compared to May, diesel prices by 4 cents
• Gasoline-diesel scissors open further
• Super E10 cheapest in Bonn, Munich and Nuremberg
• Super E10 most expensive in Bremen, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne

• Diesel cheapest in Bonn, Bochum and Munich
• Diesel most expensive in Berlin, Bremen and Dresden

Nuremberg, July 1, 2020. The price drop at the petrol pumps is over. Motorists in Germany felt this clearly in June. As the monthly evaluation of the Clever Tanken consumer information service shows, the prices for Super E10 and Diesel rose again in June after four months in free fall. “Nevertheless: We are currently still a long way from the prices at the beginning of the year. This is mainly due to the crude oil prices, which have recovered since the historical turmoil in April. Quotations like before the beginning of the Corona crisis are not yet in sight, ”says Steffen Bock, founder and managing director of Clever Tanken.

In June, a liter of Super E10 cost 1.2378 euros nationwide. That was seven cents more than in the previous month of May (1.1673 euros), the cheapest month since the regular evaluations of Clever Tanken started in January 2013. Nevertheless, prices are still at a low level. Because compared to January 2020 (1.3979 euros), the most expensive tank month of the year so far, Super E10 was around 16 cents cheaper in June, compared to the same month in June 2019 (1.4703 euros) even around 23 cents. In June, drivers paid an average of 297.07 euros for four tank fillings of 60 liters of Super E10 each. That was around 16.92 euros more than in May.

A liter of diesel cost an average of 1.0856 euros in June. That was around four cents more than in the previous month (1.0481 euros), but around 21 cents less than in the most expensive month of January 2020 (1.2935 euros) and around 17 cents less than in the same month last year June 2019 (1.2544 euros) . Four national tank fillings of 60 liters of diesel each cost 260.54 euros in June – around 9 euros more than in May.

Gasoline-diesel scissors open further

The price difference between Super E10 and diesel was 0.1522 euros per liter in June. Compared to the previous month (EUR 0.1192), the petrol-diesel scissors have increased by an average of around three cents. Already in May it had drifted apart by about three cents compared to April (0.0898 euros).

Cheapest and most expensive tank day

The cheapest were Super E10 and Diesel at the beginning of the month. The highest prices were called in the last week of June. The cheapest tank day was Tuesday June 2nd. On this day, the liter Super E10 costs 1.1880 euros, the diesel 1.0550 euros.

On the other hand, drivers paid the most for the liter of Super E10 on Wednesday, June 24th and Sunday, June 28th, each with 1.2690 euros. The most expensive diesel tank day was Tuesday, June 23, with a national average of 1.1050 euros per liter.

City ranking: cheapest petrol and diesel in Bonn

When comparing Clever Tanken’s 20 largest German cities, Bonn ranked number one in June for the cheapest Super-E10 fueling cities. The liter averaged 1.2196 euros per month. Munich (1.2200 euros) and Nuremberg (1.2219 euros) followed in second and third place.

The most expensive, however, was Super E10 repeatedly in Bremen (1.2640 euros). Frankfurt am Main (1.2534 euros) also took second place in this category. In third place was Cologne (1.2511 euros).

For four tank fillings of 60 liters of Super E10, drivers in Bremen thus paid around 303.36 euros – around 10.66 euros more than in cheap Bonn.

Bonn also had the edge in June when comparing the cheapest diesel cities. The liter cost an average of 1.0586 euros here. Bochum (EUR 1.0709) and Munich (EUR 1.0725) followed in second and third place.

Berlin, on the other hand, won the title of the most expensive diesel tank city (EUR 1.1155). Bremen (1.0980 euros) and Dresden (1.0951 euros) followed in second and third place.

Fuel prices will continue to rise in July

Rising global economy, return from home to work, cutbacks in the OPEC oil cartel and the countries allied with it, beginning of summer vacation: “Fuel demand is increasing in many countries around the world. The prices of petrol and diesel will therefore continue to rise in July. Nevertheless, they are likely to remain at a comparatively low level. Because crude oil prices are recovering continuously. The highest value for the North Sea variety Brent, which is important in this country, was around USD 43 per barrel in June. That is still about $ 26 below the high price at the beginning of the year (around $ 69). In addition, the euro strengthened again against the US dollar in June, which supports the purchase of crude oil in Germany and thus depresses gasoline prices. And: In the United States, the corona situation is getting worse. That lowers the demand there, keeps the oil stores full and the prices drop, ”explains Steffen Bock.

Regardless of whether the price is high or low: the expert advises motorists to always compare fuel prices along their planned route using an app, navigation device or the Internet. This saves you when commuting to work or on vacation, and boosts competition among providers. However, you should note the sometimes enormous leaps in the course of the day and between the providers. Favorable fueling times are often between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. and from 6 p.m.

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About clever refueling
InfoRoad GmbH was the first company in the world to provide information with its internet portal Already in 1999, motorists in Germany had the cheapest fuel prices in their area. Clever Tanken has been one of the first approved consumer information services at the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels (MTS-K) since 2013. Supported by research by our own team, the prices of almost all petrol stations in Germany are updated daily. As a special offer, users of the Clever Tanken app also receive an exclusive HEM low price guarantee. This ensures the cheapest fuel price of all petrol stations within a radius of five kilometers, which can be redeemed at the nearest HEM petrol station within this radius.

In Germany, Clever Tanken is the market leader among consumer information services on the subject of fuel prices. The website of the same name is accessed more than six million times a month, the apps more than 16 million times. (Average values ​​for the first half of 2018; sources: IVW, AGOF Daily facts, Google Analytics).

Since the end of November 2018, the company has also been offering an app extension through a cooperation with the technology and service company Bosch: Drivers of electric cars can access Clever Laden via Clever refueling. They can be used to determine free charging points in the area. The prices can also be compared, charging processes can be triggered and ended, and payment can be made via PayPal and credit card – all of this regardless of network cards and contracts with energy companies.

Not only consumers use the services from Clever Tanken. Providers such as HERE and Garmin also use the database to inform their users about the current fuel prices. Print and radio media use the service to report the cheapest petrol stations in the area to their recipients. Further information on the Internet at:

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