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The Division 2: Maintenance on Friday night with bug fixes

Last night, the developers of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 made an attempt to record another patch, which among others fix some morning maintenance bugs should. However, shortly after the start of the work, they discovered that there was a problem with the update and delayed the maintenance. Now she should take place this evening,

Scheduled for the course of this eveningHowever, the exact time has not been communicated, should be the unscheduled maintenance mainly to take care of three problems, So it says in the official changelog:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be stuck in the wrong world rank if they completed bases without the required Gear Score requirement while playing in a group.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to talk to Agent Kelso in the Castle Settlement.
  • Fixed issue where players could get multiple ivory keys from the same source.

Should the time be enough for the maintenance, the server-side update could also dedicate an exploit, This makes it possible to loosely replenish in the open game world. The developers are positive that this fix will also be added to the update.

Furthermore, the teams are working very hard on themselves to take care of the multitude of crashesthat appear to be related to the Attack Drone and their use in group play. Also the Skill bug introduced with yesterday's update, which provides for 15-second cooldown, should be addressed as soon as possible. That means it possibly over the weekend for further unscheduled maintenance and corresponding interruptions will come. The developers thank you for your patience and wish you lots of fun.



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