The doctors called another complication coronavirus: a third of patients

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Of all types of delirium – a mental illness that is accompanied by dizziness and hallucinations that we are most familiar with the delirium tremens aka “delirium tremens”. This diagnosis comrade Caax put featured in the film “Caucasian captive”. But delirium is not always occurs in alcoholic soil.

Recently revealed that approximately 20-30% of cases for coronavirus disease in humans is accompanied by delirium. The first mention of this topic in scientific research dated 10 April, on coronavirus delirium first started talking Chinese doctors. The fact that his symptoms are not immediately recognized in the General clinical picture of the disease is understandable. In 75 percent of cases the delirium is not diagnosed in patients in intensive care units for a simple reason – patients are connected to devices of artificial ventilation is unable to speak and can’t impress the doctors with his amazing stories.

And it’s not just about coronavirus patients. One out of three patients, who regardless of the diagnosis, spent 5 days in the intensive care unit, experiencing mental reactions, which often takes the form of nonsense, according to the publication The Atlantic.

What triggers the development of delirium in coronavirus patients? According to one version of SARS-CoV-2 is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, enters the brain and starts there its destructive work: hypoxia, causes blood clots, the brain starts to lack oxygen.

In addition, on the mental condition of patients affected by social exclusion, we are forced to observe the last time. The same situation is aggravated by the prolonged sedation required for patients on a ventilator.

How to treat it?

In American clinics, in addition to the use of medicines, use several methods of support davidnyc patients with signs of delirium.

– since visiting the sick is prohibited coronavirus, patients are encouraged to maintain relationships with relatives through video communication using messenger.

– lack of physical activity kompensiruet physical therapy.

– in chambers include music for meditation, positive video with paintings of nature, demonstrating the artists ‘ paintings.

– carried out special exercises for memory training.

– in chambers offer opportunities to the patients resumed their regular activities, which were carried away to illness: solve crossword puzzles, watching sporting events (at least in writing), drawing…

– Among the preventive measures called the organization of proper nutrition, sleep and wakefulness, reasonable physical activity. Training for the orientation in time and space.

To what consequences it brings?

A complication of delirium, makes it so difficult for kovida, more dangerous. It is estimated that its manifestation in 2 times to increase the chances of a fatal outcome. But even in the case of recovery covenyi patients with delirium carried out in the hospital on average a week longer.

The most unpleasant – the doctors say that even after recovery, the delirium causes irreparable damage to the functions of the brain. There is evidence that within the next 5 years after hospitalization the likelihood of various cognitive impairment increased by 2 times. In the future, this leads to the risk of development of various neurodegenerative diseases, senile dementiaAlzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s. It is unlikely that patients with delirium quidnam the situation developed differently.

In this regard doctors, in particular Professor Sharon Harvard Medical school, I urge my colleagues to pay special attention to the timely diagnosis of delirium in coronavirus patients. In danger not only the lungs of patients, but also their intelligence and mental state.

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