The documents include evidence of the violation of the Argentine government prior to the rights of journalists

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The ladder of Intelligence Agency of the Argentine (A. F. I.), to eliminate on Monday 500 file, the frequency that they contain evidence that the government of former President Mauricio Macri, was spying on some 400 journalists and nearly 100 other people, reported the official news agency “Tilem”.

And submitted a complaint, Christina Kaman, which was commissioned by the government of President Alberto Fernandez for conducting audits on the work of the intelligence agency.

It is suspected that the Macri government (2015 – 2019) used the agency to spy on journalists, including News International, in relation to the adoption of you the group of 20 and the World Trade Organization held in Buenos Aires in recent years.

It is suspected that the Macri government was spying on journalists and leaders of civil society, academics and business leaders.

It is determined that the government was looking for information about their political affiliations and attitudes about social issues, such as abortion.

It was Macri, a conservative, has lost the election in 2019, won by Fernandez, left, amid a widespread economic crisis.



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