The dollar is expected to depreciate gradually, oil will recover losses

Georgi Georgiev, Karoll Capital Management, Investor Club, 21.11.2020

21:32 | November 21, 2020

Nikoleta Rilska

At the moment there are no factors for serious movements in the dollar, but a gradual depreciation of the currency is expected. That’s what he said Georgi Georgiev, Carol Capital Management, in the show “Club Investor” v host Ivaylo Lakov.

Georgiev commented on the main factors that drove the market this week.

“Good news continues to come out that there will probably be a vaccine next year, and this has encouraged investors to turn to the sectors that have been most affected by the coronary crisis,” the guest said.

“Usually, when all the good news comes on the market, then there are no buyers and there is a slight correction.”

Georgiev highlighted the shares of regional banks and financial companies in the United States as the biggest winners in the news about the progress of coronavirus vaccines.

“European stocks are also rising. There is a revival despite the big blockades. “

The expert also commented on the situation on the oil markets, pointing out that black gold has benefited from the rotation to undervalued assets.

“Energy companies have the potential to recover even more of the losses by the end of the year and next.”

According to Georgiev, in the next few months there will be growth in emerging markets, and Chinese stocks have a particularly significant potential for favorable development.

See the whole conversation in the video.

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