The dollar price on Tuesday 13-3-2018 in banks and the market The black – the dollar stabilized at 17.59 pounds in the morning

The dollar price on Tuesday 13-3-2018 in banks and the market
 The black – the dollar stabilized at 17.59 pounds in the morning

The dollar has moved up slightly since yesterday’s trading, after the dollar witnessed a rise in the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to the level of 17.59 piasters for the purchase recorded until the moment, and continue to banks today in its official trading On the price of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound during the mid-week trading on Tuesday, which experts believe will witness a strong move to the US currency today is expected to be headed towards the rise in front of the pound, the dollar near the price of 17.60 sharks as the highest price to buy is expected to reach soon, Under the shadow The greenback has seen a steady decline in the price of the green card over the last two weeks, which pushed the dollar to stability at its highest recorded price of 17.58 piasters and a low of 17.54, amidst strong dollar stability in banks despite its clear policy of fixing its price for a period to pay for more. This comes at a time when the dollar price index is looking at banks in red and green, which are rising in some banks and falling in others.
On the outlook for the dollar in the coming period, the experts believe that the current stability will continue for a period before the dollar to rise again against the pound and tends to approach the limit of 17.70 piasters as the highest limit of purchase, in light of what traders in the official and informal dollar market for what may occur Of the changes in the price of the American currency daily, and the consequent important economic consequences, because of the importance of daily dollar prices on the economy in Egypt and the prices of luxury goods and basic gold prices in the same context, so it was necessary to follow up live and direct and continuous changes in the price of the dollar daily Fairy in Egypt, and moved successively through continuous updates, which you watched “Egypt guide” throughout the working hours on Tuesday in the banks, since the banks open morning dealings day trading period through the afternoon and ending to the end of the afternoon trading.
The highest price for the dollar is currently registered at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank at the rate of 17.59 piasters, followed by Emirates NBD at 17.58 piasters and a number of other banks at the same price. Buy and 17.65 sharks for sale, the dollar in the central bank 17.55 sharks purchase and 17.68 piasters for sale, and the lowest price to buy the dollar now registered at the limit of 17.54 penny in the Bank of Egypt.
The price of the dollar Tuesday on the black market
The dollar on the black market today recorded a price of between 17.82 and 17.84 piasters, more than the official bank rate of about 15 piasters, where the average price of the dollar in banks is between 17.69 piasters to 17.64 piasters, with the expectation that the parallel market will witness a weak demand throughout the working hours today Tuesday, as dollar prices fluctuated in banks.
Despite the tightening of controls to prevent the black market from returning to work again, black market traders are seeking to return to economic life and try to attract a number of dealers in their hard currency to provide a number of privileges, but a little higher than the official price of banks and deal easier and faster, Although their activity is still less than normal.

Today’s dollar price in Egyptian banks Highest price to buy: 17.60 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Lowest Price: 17.64 Commercial International Bank (CIB) the bank Purchasing price selling price Last move since Mashreq Bank 17.58 17.68 7 days Bank Audi 17.58 17.68 2 hours Al Baraka Bank 17.58 17.68 7 days Credit Agricole 17.58 17.68 1 hour National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus) 17.58 17.68 One week Egyptian Gulf Bank 17.58 17.68 17 hours Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 17.58 17.68 1 hour HSBC 17.57 17.67 One week Arab International Bank 17.57 17.67 5 days Egyptian Export Development Bank 17.57 17.67 One week Suez Canal Bank 17.57 17.67 21 hours Arab International Banking Company 17.57 17.67 One week Arab African International Bank 17.57 17.67 One week Bloom Bank 17.57 17.67 One week Egyptian Central Bank 17.57 17.67 19 hours National Bank of Greece 17.56 17.66 One week Bank of Alexandria 17.56 17.66 One week United Bank 17.56 17.66 one day Agricultural Bank of Egypt 17.55 17.65 One week Housing & Development Bank 17.55 17.65 6 days Banque Misr Iran Development 17.55 17.65 one day Cairo Bank 17.55 17.65 7 days National Bank of Egypt 17.55 17.65 One week Egypt Bank 17.54 17.64 One week Commercial International Bank (CIB) 17.54 17.64 16 hours
Dollar prices in banks moment by moment so far
Update: Stable in the dollar today until the hour

It should be noted that the dollar price is determined according to the conditions of supply and demand, after the Central Bank on 3 November last year to make a decisive decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound and left to determine the banks according to the conditions of supply and demand, through the mechanism of the dollar Interbank, In Egypt, foreign investments, tourism, Suez Canal, remittances of Egyptians abroad and exports.
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Dollar price expectations – down to the 13 pounds
Economists expected that the dollar will see a decline in the beginning of next year 2018, and that the dollar will reach the end of the year to the amount of 13 pounds, with the increase in the supply of the dollar within the banking sector and the lack of demand and therefore the price fell against the pound, and attributed to several reasons Are as follows:
Gas production started locally from a newly discovered field, producing 500 million cubic feet of gas, thus providing import bill and self-sufficiency.
Tourism has improved after a surge in tourist numbers in the recent period, and the prospects of the return of Russian tourism by 3 million tourists annually, which provides by the end of 2018 about 10 billion dollars of tourism revenue, along with China’s tourism, which is estimated at 350 thousand tourists Every year Philippine tourism.
The rise of Egyptian remittances from abroad after the Qatari crisis.
The increase in the value of Egyptian exports by 8%, after the opening of many factories that were already insolvent, following the liberalization of the exchange rate and export promotion procedures, and the lack of imports with the increase in the price of customs more than once
The decrease in the international trade balance, with the lack of import movements and rationalization of consumption.
Increase foreign investments in Egypt, following the multi-Sisi foreign visits.
Update the dollar price in the first hour on Tuesday morning 13/3/2018
Dollar prices on Tuesday in official banks operating in Egypt and foreign and government and private, after the dollar saw a slight rise in the value of one penny at the close of transactions yesterday evening in banks, with a consensus that the dollar prices on Tuesday heading towards a slight rise, The impact on the current price stability of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, at the upper limit of 17.58 piasters and a minimum of 17.64 piasters.
Update at 8:55 am
The morning trading on dollar prices in banks started now, and relative stability in the beginning of trading, without a change until now, whether high or low, to continue to follow the continuous changes in the price of the dollar today in banks, and transfer successively during the ongoing updates, Continuing the most important daily economic news, which is the daily dollar prices and their expected changes over Tuesday’s working hours in banks.

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