The Douro red you’ll want to have in the wine cellar costs €2 at Pingo Doce

The Douro red you’ll want to have in the wine cellar costs €2 at Pingo Doce

The fruity aroma combines with the more acidic finish. It’s over 55 percent off until June 27.

An inexpensive option.

If many take advantage of discounts to buy that piece of clothing they’ve always wanted, others prefer products for the home or gifts for the family. And then there are those who anxiously wait for the supermarket’s promotions to fill up the wine cellar. Options are never lacking, but in the midst of so much offer it is difficult to find references with a good quality-price ratio. But there are always some finds, like the red wine from the Douro which is currently more than 55 percent off at Pingo Doce.

Linhas Tortas is the ideal option for those relaxed get-togethers with friends who order a good red. The aroma of red fruits immediately reminds us of the flavors of this season, when these berries become more common.

No need to worry about conservation.

To add a touch of versatility, these sweeter notes are then cut by acidity, albeit mild, which culminates in a livelier red flavor.

Temperature is something you don’t have to worry about. Just keep it in the pantry, for example, to keep it at 17 degrees. You will usually find this option on sale for €4.99, but thanks to the discount, it is on sale for €2.19 at Pingo Doce (until June 27).

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