The downside of social media: this influencer points out the dangers to young people

The riots that broke out throughout the country in recent days have not yet reached North Holland. Young adults in particular challenge each other via social media to stir up unrest. To prevent unrest from also settling in our province, they have invited influencer Joery Schenkers in West Friesland to make young people aware of the dangers of social media.

The dangers of social media are the talk of the town at Tabor College in Hoorn. Here youth workers invited influencer Joery Schenkers, a well-known figure on Youtube and Instagram, for a lesson about social media. He teaches the students what the dangers are of all those platforms they view every day.

Because that is a major pitfall, says Jerrol Lashley, team coordinator at the Network Hoorn Foundation. “Announcements of riots are presented attractively and reach a lot of young people in no time. They participate because it is sensational and that it produces fun films or is exciting. There is no deeper layer in it.”

Together with his team of youth workers, he tries to make young people aware of the consequences. That seems to help. Just like in Joery’s class. There, when he asks if the students are participating in riots, he shakes his head no.

Watch in the video above how Joey Schenkers’ lesson went. Below you can read more about how youth workers keep a finger on the pulse: