The dramatic birth of Troian Bellisario

Last week, “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario (35) and “Suits” star Patrick J. Adams (39) revealed that they had become parents for the second time. The duo, who married in 2016, also have a daughter Aurora (2) together.

Both daughters’ births came as a surprise to both fans and the media as the actor couple had never announced that they were expecting a child.

Kept the pregnancy a secret – again

The newborn girl saw the light of day three weeks ago, and her arrival was of the unusual kind. The new parents revealed this themselves when they shared the birth news on social media.

“Miss Elliot Rowena Adams was born on May 15 under the worst of circumstances. It is now a whole new era for this family. Welcome, my beloved “, Bellisario wrote along with this photo on Instagram:

The proud father also hinted that the birth had offered surprises, without revealing what actually happened.

«+ 1… .. Welcome to the fun house, Miss Elliot Rowena Adams. Hope your life will be as unique and exciting as your arrival “, he shared.

“Now it’s happening!”

Now the couple finally eases the veil on what really happened when the second daughter saw the light of day.

It is in the podcast of their mutual friend Katie Lowes (39) that the star duo share details about the shocking birth, according to E! News.

According to the website, Adams had been away filming in Toronto shortly before Bellisario’s term, but the couple had no qualms about this as their firstborn was born a week into overtime.

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Dare not call Meghan

Dare not call Meghan

The same night that the “Suit” star came home, however, things took an unexpected turn when Bellisarios suddenly realized that the birth was underway. They threw themselves into the car and as they approached the hospital in Los Angeles, the 35-year-old began to feel more and more uncomfortable.

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The sun loungers

The sun loungers “everyone” should have now

Furthermore, E! News that Troian started screaming and stood on all fours in the passenger seat before shouting:

– I pooped in my pants.

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Adams quickly stopped at the hospital entrance where he informed the security guard that “now it’s happening!”.

The guard did not take the situation as seriously as the expectant father had hoped, and at the same time Troian, who at this time knew that the baby was on his way out, shouted that her husband had to come.

– I shouted: «Take off my pants! Take off my pants », she recalls in the podcast.

Used the wedding dress at the afterparty

Used the wedding dress at the afterparty

Falling in love with work

And as soon as Adams managed to remove the pants, he spotted the baby’s head. Four minutes later, Elliot was born.

Troian, who was still standing on all fours at the time, said that when she turned to look at her husband and baby, he was holding his daughter upside down.

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– She cried, so I thought: “she’s alive, she’s ok, she’s breathing,” says the “Pretty Little Liars” star, according to E! News.

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Bellisario and Adams met for the first time in 2009 during an acting job.

- It was a nightmare

– It was a nightmare

– We played together in a piece in Los Angeles called «Equivocation». She got the role of my girlfriend. We met, and then it was done, Patrick has told about their first meeting, according to Fame10.

About four years later, the turtle doves got engaged, but it was not until 2016 that they finally gave each other their “yes” on a romantic beach in Santa Barbara, California.

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