The dress of Hiba Abouk, wife of Achraf Hakimi, is talking

Achraf Hakimi’s companion finds herself at the heart of a scandal. Her appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday May 24, 2022 in a sexy outfit sparked reactions from internet users. “I’m sorry for you, Achraf Hakimi, what we saw at the Cannes Film Festival had never been done before you by any other player in the history of our national team,” wrote the Moroccan journalist from the Al channel. Jazeera, Abdessamed Nacer.

“Personal freedom is a responsibility before being a right and you are a public figure, you represent the image of the Muslim Moroccan and the Moroccan national team, whose players have always respected the values ​​of the people they represent. I am sad, angry and very shocked,” he added. “It’s her life that she wears what she wants, only this dress does not suit her well,” wrote a user.

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It wasn’t just criticism. Journalist Redouane Ramdani stands out and defends the couple. “The picture of Hakimi and his wife…Look at it again…the picture of Hakimi and his wife…nothing wrong, look a third time, it’s his wife, his wife, his woman,” he wrote on his Facebook account in response to criticism from his colleague Abdessamed Nacer.

And to add: “Listen to my brother citizen, the day when it will be your wife and not his, behave as you wish… But this is none of your business… Know my brother citizen that there are things that don’t concern you… It’s people’s lives… Is that clear? »

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