The driver fatally hit a pedestrian and drove away. The police are looking for witnesses

The fatal accident occurred on the Białystok-Zabłudów route.

Fot: Podlasie Police

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On Wednesday (22/06), a man whose identity was not established was fatally hit. The incident took place on the national road No. 19 near the village of Protasy (Zabłudów commune)

As reported by Nadinsp. Tomasz Krupa, spokesman of the Podlasie police, the vehicle involved in the incident drove off in an unknown direction. At the scene of the accident, white vehicle elements were left, possibly the corner of the truck’s bumper.

– We establish the circumstances and course of the event. All persons who may have knowledge about this incident, please contact the nearest police unit or the emergency number 112 – the spokesman said.

There are still traffic difficulties at the scene of the accident. Passenger cars are directed to Rafałówka from Białystok, and from Zabłudów, vehicles are driven by road towards Michałów, where in Folwarki you can take off to Rafałówka.

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Traffic at the scene of the incident takes place without any problems.

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Police officers on ul. Handlowa in Białystok, they stopped a vehicle that could have been involved in the road incident on DK 19.

– We received the notification after your publication of the announcements. A 31-year-old driver was also detained. Due to the fact that procedural steps are in progress, the evidence is secured, these are all information that we can provide – informs the press team of the Podlasie Police.

The man who was hit to death was 36 years old.

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