The driver in Přerovska breathed almost five per thousand

“On the basis of a notification from an observant citizen, the patrol went to route 158 on Havlíčkova Street, where they stopped a 57-year-old driver in a Kia vehicle. Since we received a report of a totally drunk driver, a breathalyzer test was conducted on him,” the spokeswoman said.

According to her, during the first measurement, the driver breathed in 4.82 parts per million of alcohol.

“A few minutes later, the level dropped to 3.4, and the last test jumped upwards again to 3.61 per thousand,” stated Zajícová.

According to her, at the request of the police, the driver submitted to a medical examination with the collection of biological material, and his driver’s license was seized on the spot.

“Fortunately, his irresponsible driving was without serious consequences and he is being investigated on suspicion of criminal endangerment under the influence of an addictive substance,” added the police spokeswoman.

The driver had an extreme amount of alcohol on him. Health professionals already refer to a condition at three or more parts per million as serious poisoning of the organism, and at four parts per million it can be life-threatening. The decisive factor is, among other things, the consumer’s metabolism and the extent to which he is used to alcohol and its higher doses.