The Duchess of Cambridge contacts midwives and fathers and mothers to highlight mental health issues

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge in a photo from the Reuters archive

LONDON (Reuters) – Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has made video calls to a number of new parents, some midwives and other maternal workers to promote her message to raise awareness of the importance of taking into account mental health during the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.

A video posted by Kensington Palace, the residence and office of Kate and her husband, British Prince William, shows the Duchess, who has three children, chatting via video with a mother who gave birth to the previous night, a midwife and several other people.

“You play a vital role as organizations in providing information,” Kate told workers with mental health nonprofits in a conference call. People generally trust you a lot, so the information you provide is a saving for many people in this period. ”

The video was released on the occasion of the Postpartum Mental Health Awareness Week in Britain.

William and Kate have long been campaigning to raise awareness of mental health problems. Last week, the couple launched a new service called “Our Front Line” or our front line and dedicated it to providing around-the-clock psychological support to key workers involved in tackling the Corona virus crisis.

Prepared by Salma Negm for the Arab Bulletin – Edited by Mounir El Bawiti



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