"The Dutch state must withdraw from the capital of Air France-KLM" (Spinetta)


On the eve of its fifteenth anniversary, May 3, Air France-KLM is experiencing a serious governance crisis. The group is torn by internal quarrels between Air France-KLM and Air France and the other KLM. In March, the surprise entry of the Dutch state into the group's capital at the level of the French State's participation (14%), with the declared intention of weighing on the group's policy to protect Dutch interests, has highlighted the break between the two camps that had been taking shape for years.

Although Air France-KLM's new general manager, Ben Smith, has so far calmed the social situation at Air France after taking out his checkbook, his arrival has raised concern and anger on the Dutch side.

Rumors about KLM's specialization in leisure traffic to leave the so-called "premium" clientele to Air France, the agreement signed between Air France management and the pilots providing for a larger development plan for Air France than KLM, Ben Smith's willingness to return to more integrations in the group to gain efficiencies, were perceived by The Hague and public opinion …


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