The e-format filming of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival begins

According to the filming of performances of folk dance groups and choirs of Kuldīga and Ventspils regions on July 12, the School Youth Song and Dance Festival has started in an extremely unusual way, the car of which will arrive at the groups by July 29, TV3 Ziņas reports.

In each of the 43 filming locations of the e-festival, a sun-symbolizing decoration awaits the dancers and choirs.

The aim of the project “Saulesvija” is to improvise the traditional festive procession in Riga on the stage of each municipality, when collectively receive and dedicate applause and shouts.

Here, however, they do it themselves, because due to the restrictions of the pandemic, it is not allowed to invite spectators to e-holiday filming. The local people in Jūrkalne were also interested in whether they could come. The performances filmed in the municipalities will be available on the website “come and rejoice”.

Inga Krišāne, Head of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival Project “Saulesvija”

“This time we can pay even more attention to them than in Brīvības Street, when they go and others watch – whether I will see my boy there, oh, no, the girl next door. This time there is an opportunity to see. ”

However, you will not be able to see everyone in the same way. Some participants have stayed at home, because these events must not have more than 50 people. Thus, for example, only seven dancers came from Ance Primary School, and eight from Zūri Primary School.

Elita Kuģeniece, Ventspils region Ance primary school dance team leader

“To add a logical point to this holiday, and for the children to have something happy and about the memory of this funny holiday.”

“Any decent dancer wants more, but it is a good conclusion. It seems to me that everyone who was here is in a good mood, ”says Lelde, a member of the dance team of Ance Primary School in Ventspils region.

“It will definitely not be like at the real song festival, but at least something is happening. We haven’t met in six months, we sing. It is very nice to meet you, ”says Melanija, Ventspils region 5-9. class member of the joint choir.

Marta, Ventspils region 5.-9. class member of the joint choir

“At least something of a song festival is that you can put on a choir costume, put on a wreath. The feeling is something. ”

“Of course, I wanted to be in Riga for the big song festival, but this is also a pretty good option. Glad we could sing together at least that way. It would have been even if the locals had come to listen, but what is the situation like that, ”says Romāns, Ventspils region, 5-9. member of a joint choir of classes.

The chief conductor also accompanies the e-festival filmmakers, issuing letters of thanks for the difficult stage with the remote attempts of “Zoom”, for not giving up.

“I can bow my head in front of the team leaders that you have not lost energy,” admits Mārtiņš Klišāns, the chief conductor of the 12th School Youth Song and Dance Festival.

On July 12, some dancers and choirs of Ventspils region expressed disappointment that for them this festival has been limited, at least for the time being, to only one dance and one song in person. However, the organizers say – each municipality can decide individually whether to organize concerts for children and young people later. If the epidemiological situation allows – with spectators.

Inga Krišāne, Head of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival Project “Saulesvija”

“Municipalities think about it. Some will do it on September 1, some will perform on November 18. The national holiday concerts will be made up of songs, dances and compositions that are included in the repertoire of the song and dance festival. ”



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