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"The e-reader replaces my library" … Netizens unveil their favorite reading support

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  • World Book Day is Tuesday, April 23
  • 14 million digital books were sold in France in 2018
  • The paper book remains the preferred medium of the French, but the e-book progresses

One does not erase five centuries of habits so easily. Since the invention of the printing press, paper has the quasi-monopoly of letters. In the testimony that we have proposed to Internet users, they are a very large majority to prefer the paper to enjoy their readings. If paper has tradition and charm for him, e-readers, tablets and smartphones are slowly settling into the world of literature. The market
digital book progresses, proof that the e-book finds its place. Technology can replace the book, but it can also complement it. 20 minutes gave the floor to his readers to know their preferences.

"The fingers that brush the paper, the smell of the pages, the small printing errors, the weight of the book in the hands and the satisfaction of seeing the pages crumple over the reading. For me, reading a book is done with many senses and not just with the view, "says Julie. This physical link so strong with the book has been expressed by many readers. Elodie also evokes the appeal to the senses that comes from the paper: "I can not do without the feeling of weight of the book, the satisfaction or the stress of seeing the number of pages left to read. "

Many put forward the possibility of making the book live, like Estelle: "To see the block more or less big leaves to go from right to left is a kind of accomplishment for me. Internet users often remember the living side of the object. Ludivine tells the pleasure of leaving a trace: "I like to remember the story by flipping through and rediscovering the marks that I could leave on the pages during my reading. Pauline confirms this aspect: "I love cornering the pages, putting annotations, and also lend the books so that they live from hand to hand".

The notion of sharing is very important for the followers of the book: "A paper book, you can give it when you have read it, it must circulate as much as possible," writes Veronique. The book travels, it lends itself, seeks and discovers itself. Isabelle highlights this point: "I have always preferred paper books, digging in flea markets or other Emmaus to find the rare pearl. When I know I will not read a book again, I put it in a book box to give him the opportunity to continue his life in other hands. "

If readers' preferences are more often oriented towards the book, it is also for its natural and soothing side, as Helena says: "I am aware that it takes trees, ink to print books while the reader would be more eco-responsible. But reading on computer is, in my opinion, worse for the view and does not promote falling asleep. Same thing for Veronique who tried the reading on smartphone: "I left with horrible headaches". If the reading on screen can be unpleasant, the e-reader with its electronic ink is an in-between more and more solicited.

The e-reader is gaining ground

With 14 million digital books sold in 2018, a growth of 6%, reading on electronic media is gaining popularity. It is largely thanks to the readers, the Internet users of 20 minutes confirm it: "I am against the current because the reader has allowed me to read. I'm done with the big books that worried me by the thickness, "says Pierre-Laurent. Clutter, probably the main reason for the success of reading lights. In a large device like a paperback and rarely heavier than 180 grams, it is possible to store thousands of works. "Having an already large collection of books, plus my comics and mangas, I decided to go to the reader," explains Nicolas. A saving of space reminded by all users of e-books: "My library overflowed, and I had no opportunity to extend it. So I bought a reader and it's great, "said Jean-Paul" I did a great sort in my library, I kept only the books of great classics and I only buy on my reading, it's so convenient when you have a small home. A minimalism that also conquered nomads like Cecile: "I go on the move with several books and I choose according to my desire. I downloaded a lot of royalty free classic books, it allowed me to discover works that I would never have read otherwise. "Christelle evokes the weight of books to justify her choice for a reading light:" Finding books too heavy to carry in handbags, I started reading on my smartphone, then I adopted a reading light, the total happiness ! "

The eReader also has an option rarely indicated on its packaging, it saves couples: "The quiet lighting of a reading light avoids the kick of his dear and tender, accompanied by an" extinguish the light "authoritarian" Jeff explains. Marie-France also benefits from this advantage: "That way I can read at night, same light off, without disturbing my husband. "The digital book technology also provides reading and working comfort for Manon:" Being able to enlarge letters, highlight or use the built-in dictionary is so convenient and saves time. "

Progress that also benefits internationally, for Guy for example: "I live in Thailand and Cambodia for twelve years. There are no French bookshops. The only way to read recent books or comics is my reader. Benoît, on the other hand, also takes advantage of this possibility: "I can buy books in foreign languages, I have just bought seven volumes of The Old Man's War in English. ".

Readers of 20 minutes also use the reader in addition to the paper book: "I like the book object, and I find it more pleasant. But when I travel, I take my reader, it is more convenient to carry, "says Frederic. A mobility also allowed by the now available applications that make it possible to read on different media.

The smartphone and the tablet in addition

"I have the same application on my smartphone and on my reader, it allows me to continue reading on the phone if I have a time that I had not planned. Like Martin, there are many Internet users who enjoy the slightest opportunity to immerse themselves in a novel. Christian, he is more radical: "At 75, I am a smartphone addict who phone little but reads a lot! The format lends itself perfectly to Italian reading (in landscape format) for works like the Pléiade. "Viet also finds some comfort:" I love reading on my smartphone, I find quite nice little animation on Android to simulate the browsing. "

Like Fabien who reads "news on smartphone", many have arrived at the reading on tablet and smartphone by the information. "I subscribed to two newspapers, I started reading the info on my tablet and then I enjoyed it, so I thought, why not a novel? With the dark mode, it's very pleasant, "says Bénédicte.

Ebook lovers are considering the future to perpetuate the practice. Christian already thinks: "The profession of publisher will evolve, we will open an account that will store under our name works and will make them available to third parties under our request or inheritance. "




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