The eagle catches the shark and flies over the beach. The incredible images in a video

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What happened on the beach of Myrtle Beach, a well-known holiday resort in South Carolina, in the USA is incredible. Yes, because a flying shark had never been seen before. Yet this is exactly what happened even if, of that dramatic flight, the shark would have gladly done without. But let’s start from the beginning, Ashley White, from Erwin, Tennessee, is on the balcony overlooking the beach and she is enjoying her vacation and the view of the ocean when, suddenly, she notices a big bird that always comes close to more. It is large, very large probably it is a sea eagle or a condor who, however, seems to be carrying something. So, curious, grabs the phone and starts filming. What he resumes is incredible. The bird of prey, in fact, holds a shark or more likely a mallet in its claws! A large predatory fish of almost two meters which, caught who knows how and who knows where, clasps in its deadly claws while, confident, almost bold, it begins to fly over the beach. Below her, those on the sand, those in the water, the intimidated bathers enjoy that incredible show while Ashley continues undaunted to resume the scene. The truly exceptional video released by Ed Piotrowski on social media is an absolute rarity that compares two super predators that, although the first belongs to the earth and the prey to the blue planet, nature has pitted one against the eternal struggle for survival.

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