The East Asian Cup focuses on running the lineup. The Chinese women’s football striker is looking forward to it_China Team_Match_Wang Linlin

Original title: The East Asian Cup focuses on the running-in lineup, and the Chinese women’s football striker is looking forward to it

Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, July 24 (Reporter Yue Dongxing) After meeting the South Korean team after the Asian Cup final, it was still an adversity behind the score. The Chinese women’s football team once again showed valuable tenacity. The 1:1 draw with the South Korean team continued the advantage of the recent battle against the old opponent.

On July 23, Chinese team player Wang Linlin (second from left) hugged and celebrated with teammate Wang Shuang (first from left) after scoring a goal.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoyu

As the head coach Shui Qingxia said after the game, it was a tough game. The two sides performed equally well. When facing difficulties, the key is to be yourself.

When the “post-00” central defender Wang Linlin outflanked the goal to tie the game, Shui Qingxia on the sidelines roared and roared. In a passive adversity that was not ideal, the team was still able to withstand the pressure. important.

On July 23, the head coach of the Chinese team, Shui Qingxia (front right), celebrated a goal with members of the coaching staff.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoyu

It is true that the importance of the East Asian Cup is limited, but the confidence and confidence brought by the equalizer will allow the women’s football girls to continue to have a psychological advantage against South Korea in more important games such as Olympic qualifiers and World Cup qualifiers. so as to strive for victory.

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A major achievement of this game is that Shui Qingxia, who insists on using the old to lead the new, is tempering the new generation of the Chinese women’s football team’s defense backbone. She is Wang Linlin, who has started two consecutive games.

As the former captain of the National Youth Team, Wang Linlin and Wang Xiaoxue partnered with the central defender this time. The overall performance of the two games was calm, and he quickly recovered and intercepted the ball several times, showing the speed advantage that the central defender needs to defend. The goal of equalizing the score will inspire her to stand firmly in the main position of the national team.

On July 23, Chinese team player Wang Linlin (second from right) celebrated a goal.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoyu

From an objective point of view, the Chinese team has exposed some problems in this game: there are many mistakes in passing and receiving the ball, the tacit understanding between teammates is not enough, it is difficult to organize an effective offensive in the middle and backcourt, the ability to control the game is insufficient, and too many mistakes lead to physical consumption. Big… The 2023 Women’s World Cup is less than a year away. The East Asia Cup is a valuable opportunity for the Chinese team, which lacks competition at this stage, to examine the players and to adjust the lineup.

It’s not terrible to expose problems, the key is to solve problems with a calm mind, and to continuously improve through actual combat. Next, the Chinese team with one win and one draw will face the Japanese team. Playing the games you want and finding the best squad for the World Cup is still the main task.

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When the “post-00s” striker Zhang Linyan showed an extraordinary sense of the ball and the talent of combining man and ball, when the veteran Wang Shanshan still efficiently cooperated with every partner on the striker, when Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali were able to break the local balance of offense Players and teammates have regained their tacit understanding little by little. The frontcourt combination of the Chinese team is full of possibilities, and the potential is exciting.

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