the Eco-citizen House calls on everyone to design their “desirable future”

This game was born in parallel with the exhibition The Ecology Drawn, in place within the Maison écocitoyenne since May 3. “We thought about how to attract people to be actors in this exhibition. The idea of ​​the drawing competition came naturally”, continues Évelyne Ellias.

For the moment, a few dozen drawings have arrived, sorted into three different categories: “over 6 years old”, “12-15 years old” and “16 years old and over”. The idea of ​​global warming keeps coming back. One of the sketches makes fun of the situation and imagines a couple cooking a trout in the heat of the sun.

Entries remain open until October 2. Then, the designers selected will be rewarded with comic books or graphic novels. “Still on topic, of course. »

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