“The economic integration program only had one beneficiary in 2018!”

The Minister of Economic Integration, Small Business, Employment and Skills affirmed that the economic integration contract benefited, in 2018, only one person, while thirty others in were private.

During the oral questions session, under the Hemicycle in the House of Representatives, this Monday afternoon, Younes Skouri Oubahsou declared: “Many existing programs are efficient, while others are experiencing failure and fiasco. Consequently, we must remedy this shortcoming and work towards its revision ”.

Just as the Minister explained that the State plans to allocate a budget of 25,000 DH for each company, for the benefit of job seekers and for graduates, provided that the concerned are registered with the National Agency of promotion of employment and skills (ANAPEC). Younes Skouri also questioned this dichotomy of the large number of applicants, when there was only one person who benefited from the economic integration program.

This one has a large budget, but is not attractive because subject to many measures “that we can qualify as bureaucratic”, insisted the minister by continuing that his Department is currently looking into the study of aforementioned program, to examine all of its measures. And this, in order to integrate the latter into the program and the various projects planned for the beginning of the year 2022.

Larbi Alaoui