Right at the beginning the whole truth about glass floors at vantage points: Those who stand on them usually only get an adrenaline rush if they are very vertigo-ridden. Otherwise the view is the same as when you lean over the railing. In addition, the glass shelves do not stay so clean or without scratches for long that even the thousand and one visitors could imagine they were stepping into space.

Perhaps that is why the planners of “The Edge” thought: It is a good idea to construct the parapet from glass too. Then someone just has to wipe their handprints and probably nose prints often enough to continue to give a good impression of New York’s skyline. After all, the almost all-round view of this further vantage point high above the city, which will be open to paying visitors from March 11, 2020, should beckon.

Not that there is a shortage of “rooms with a view” in New York. But in order to make the still new Hudson Yards district popular for tourists, such a platform is probably part of it. So the skyscraper “30 Hudson Yards” on the 100th floor sticks into the sky over Manhattan, 335 meters above the ground. For 36 dollars, visitors can now enjoy the view, provided they have booked a slot online – and do not prefer the (similarly expensive) competition: the classic Empire State Building, about 380 meters as high as the “One World Observatory” opened five years ago “on the One World Trade Center. Also on offer: “Top of the Rock”, the only 260 meters high, but large terraces on the Rockefeller Center.

Why the “Sixty Five” bar is the better and cheaper alternative there and where the view of New York is also beautiful and much cheaper is revealed here SZ-Correspondent Johanna Bruckner:

Sometimes, however, a new viewing platform gives the visitor a break from the hustle and bustle on the ground – especially when the everyday hustle and bustle of Tokyo-Shibuya is at home on this floor.

However, it is often the case that the viewpoints advertised as tourist attractions or that have become tourist attractions do not keep their promises: For example at the remote Skywalk above the Grand Canyon, there you have an equally spectacular view a few meters away (with a respectful distance) on the abyss and that for himself too.

Or the place is really amazing, like on the Trolltunga above the Ringedalsvatnet in Norway or on the Pulpit Rock in Norway. A madness that you have to queue for: The many Instagram pictures of seemingly lonely hikers are deceiving, you are rarely alone here.

Now a new photo hotspot is in the works in Northern Norway, this time a man-made and another example of how artfully architecture and nature are artfully combined in the country: On the island of Andøya, “The Whale” appears to emerge from the waves, at least it sees that walkable roof of the new visitor center from the sea side like the tail fin of a gigantic marine mammal.

Norway Dorte Mandrup the WhaleNorway Dorte Mandrup the Whale

Danish design in Northern Norway: Dorte Mandrup won the architectural competition for the center.

(Photo: Dorte Mandrup, Rendering: MIR)

50,000 tourists come to Andenes every year to be taken out to the North Sea and perhaps to see orcas, dolphins or even sperm whales. If they have just submerged, from 2022 onwards, visitors can comfort themselves with the exhibits in the new center and find out about marine mammals and their significance for the people here under the protection of the giant “whale fin”. The vacationers can also simply look out over the icy North Sea. Or stay on the whale raft roof as long as the cold allows to see the midnight sun or the northern lights. Without glass.


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