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“The educational centers of the Canary Islands have been safe environments and the needs of the most vulnerable students have been met”

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Drafting / This has been assured today, the spokesperson for Education of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Ana González, in the parliamentary commission on Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, who has highlighted the actions and measures implemented by the Ministry during this past school year 2020 -2021 to face the consequences of the pandemic, considering that this “effort” meant that the islands’ educational centers have been “safe environments”, and that the needs of the most vulnerable students have been met. González highlights the implementation of the Canary Islands Digital Education Plan.

The Herreña deputy, intervened in an appearance requested by the Socialist Parliamentary Group on the assessment of the regional Executive on the 2020-2021 school year, in which she recalled that the groups confined in the educational centers of the Canary Islands have barely been between 0, 02% and 0.4%. González prioritized the “effort” made by the Ministry of Education in the last quarter of the 2019-2020 academic year, in full confinement, to provide the students with the digital resources required by the situation, as well as the support of the city councils to deliver said material to students.

Among these measures, he highlighted the implementation of the Plan for Digital Education in the Canary Islands for the XXI Century, where a set of integrated measures and strategies have been framed to offer services, tools, digital resources, support, dynamization and advice, training the educational system canary for the digital society. In addition, he recalled that a pioneering experience was also launched in the State such as the Canarian Classroom for Online Teaching, guaranteeing the right to education of students who could not attend class, either due to their special vulnerability, or that of their family or due to the health reality.

Likewise, he has referred to the development of the PROA + 20/21 program in 123 educational centers on the islands, to establish a mechanism of financial and training aid to the centers, supporting their educational actions in the special conditions of the students. “Therefore, guaranteeing the continuity and educational advancement of all students, with special attention to the most vulnerable,” said González.

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González highlighted the scholarships for Dual Vocational Training students in the Canary Islands and the cooperation agreements with city councils and councils that are speeding up the works in educational infrastructures, as well as the modification of credit to invest 18 million euros in said educational and sports facilities.

For the Herreña deputy, the measures unrelated to the pandemic have also been important, such as the increase in the teaching staff compared to courses prior to this crisis and the drop in the ratio in some teachings and courses, which join the “battery of measures ”To respond to students with special needs.

In his opinion, “there has never been another moment in the Canary Islands in which so much interest and investment has been put in for the benefit of NEAE students”.

González thanked the educational communities of all schools for their work, and affirmed that it has been a course “full of difficulties but that between all of them, from their responsibilities, they dealt with strictly complying with the established health protocols and how many adjustments, in depending on the evolution of the pandemic, they were established ”.


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