The effects of chlorine on the hands. 4 dangers to which you are exposed without knowing

Chlorine is a substance used for disinfection, most often, but it is also used as a stripper in the pulp industry or as a bleaching agent. Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to water to kill possible bacteria and microbes. Therefore, it is used to treat wastewater and especially in swimming pools, as a disinfectant.

Although it seems a harmless substance, chlorine can wreak havoc, especially if the exposure is prolonged. May cause irreparable damage to the skin or eyes if you are exposed to chlorine for a long time. Studies have shown that two decades after using chlorine to disinfect water, a lot of heart disease, senility and more cancers have appeared in the United States.

The effects of chlorine on the hands – chlorine irritates and ages the skin

Chlorine is a strong irritant, both for the stomach and colon, if ingested, but also for the lungs if inhaled. The skin also suffers from contact with chlorine, especially if chlorine water is used very often.

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