the EFS understaffed

HEALTH / 217 collections were canceled this year in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, due to a lack of doctors or nurses

Blood donation, in critical condition. This is the alarm bell that was sounded at the beginning of the month in Paris, during the seminar of the French Federation for Volunteer Blood Donation. For lack of staff, doctors or nurses, 1,069 collections were canceled in France, including 217 in the PACA region ” i.e. 20% of collections” considers Bernard Tattegrain, president of the Departmental Union 04 for voluntary blood donation, regional secretary and federal administrator of the FFDSB. The situation is ” critique » faced with staff who fled the EFS to benefit from SEGUR Santé. ” Since the French Blood Establishment is a private establishment, they were not able to benefit from the upgrading before there was a catch-up. But there had already been departures ”. Professionals who often choose to work elsewhere in the face of complex working conditions, ” where you start early and finish late”.

The EFS on the brink of rupture?

The French Federation of Voluntary Blood Donation turned to the Ministry of Health and parliamentarians to ask for an extension of ” 20 to 30 million euros for 2022 during the Social Security Financing Bill ». Because the EFS is facing financial difficulties: the price of the blood bag, sold by the establishment to public hospitals, is set by the State. But it is considered insufficient today, ” with salary increases, the COVID, the EFS finds itself in budget limit. Transfer prices must be reviewed for the blood establishment to review its mission”concludes Bernard Tattegrain.