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The Egyptian Minister of Sport underlines the importance of hosting the AFCON 2019

Dr. Mohamed Fawzi, spokesman for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, underlined the importance of the African Nations Cup, which Egypt will host next summer's African Nations Cup, which Egypt will host this summer.

"The African Cup of Nations is the third largest tournament in the world after the World Cup and the European Nations Cup," said Fawzi in a call to the Now program, which will be featured in the Extra News on Thursday morning. Of its 2.1 billion viewers.

At his meeting with dr. Mustafa Madbouli, the Prime Minister, and the Minister for Youth and Sport, Dr. Ashraf Subhi, he yesterday stressed how important it is to support all aspects of support for the success of this tournament, and point out that it cooperates with the Egyptian presidency of the African Union.

Commenting on Sisi's meeting with African Football Confederation President Ahmed Ahmed, he said: "The Egyptian state supported the KAF headquarters during the meeting so that it could fully carry out its tasks."

He added that Al-Kaf had expressed its appreciation for the efforts of the Egyptian state-owned facilities and equipment; to organize the African Nations Cup.

The meeting took place on Wednesday with Dr. Ing. Mustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister, and Dr. Ashraf Subhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, held to discuss the latest developments regarding preparations for holding the African Nations Cup in Egypt and the second with the President of the African continent Football Confederation Ahmed Ahmed.




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