The elected members of the Coast d'Azur lend their support to the employees of Galderma

The elected members of the Coast d'Azur lend their support to the employees of Galderma


Sophia Antipolis since 1981, the largest research centre in the world in dermatology settled in Switzerland.

On the site of the Village, more than 400 of the 550 positions are threatened.

Jean Leonetti

“I hope that a concrete action plan to be finalized quickly in order to facilitate, if necessary, resumption of the site by the public authorities (CASA, BCC), said the mayor of Antibes and president of the Casa. in The goal would be to create a science Park for the life of Sophia.”

>> READ it again. For Jean Leonetti, the social conflict at Galderma is “a beautiful mess”

Loïc Dombreval

For the mp LREM to the origin of this encounter with Alexandra Valletta-Ardisson: “The backup plan of employment must have the least possible impact on the employees.”

Alexandra Valletta-Ardisson

“That they close the site, it is a reality has explained the mp LREM. in But behind, it is necessary to accompany employees, as well as the families.”

Eric Pauget

“A multinational company such as Nestlé should support its employees, the spouses and families, stated the mp, the LR of the 7th district. in We provide a clear direction under pressure.”

>> READ it again. Four members of parliament of the Alpes-Maritimes have met with management of Galderma this morning (Monday)

Marc Daunis

For the senator, “This is a decision incomprehensible to the employees, while Nestlé should invest (…) They have benefited from almost 70 million euros of public aid. The question of refund arises.”

Dominique Estrosi-Sassone

“I recently wrote to the minister of the Economy and the minister of Research and higher education, because they can only be aware of explained the senator. the there is a big problem of hypocrisy in the speeches of the leadership, it is obvious.”

Christian Estrosi

“I wanted to seize the government and ask to be assessed for the reimbursement of aid received by the company said mayor of Nice, president of the Métropole and deputy chair of the Paca Region. the In effect, Nestlé Skin Health has benefited from three years of 68 million euros of Research Tax Credit, not to mention other devices, such as the tax Credit for competitiveness and employment. It is accounting of the use of these funds and must demonstrate exemplary behavior from the employees.”

>>READ it again. Christian Estrosi, provides support to the employees of Galderma

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