The elected officials of Montluçon community agree on a 3% increase in the price of drinking water for 2023

The prices of drinking water, industrial water as well as collective and non-collective sanitation will increase by 3% in 2023 in the territory of Montluçon community (Allier). “We have no choice but to increase, and I assure you that 3% is very far from reality”, justified Jean-Pierre Guérin, the mayor of Saint-Victor and vice-president de Montluçon community in charge of water and sanitation, at the time of the vote.

What will this increase represent?

For example, this additional 3% will represent an additional cost of 8.81 euros for a household that consumes 120 m3 per year. “Knowing that the average consumption is closer to 95 m3”, specified Frédéric Laporte, the president of Montluçon community.

Increase in the price of energy and reagents

“When we add up the energy increases, we are around 30%, even if it can go down. This is also why we only proposed 3%, explained the elected official. We have reagents (for water treatment, editor’s note) which are at + 30%, bleaches which are at + 5%… so we are proposing this increase which is faithful to the operating chart that we had fixed two years ago, being well aware that subscribers, who are also taxpayers, have already had enough. »

Some elected officials, like Christian Sanvoisin, deplored this increase. “All energies are increasing everywhere, highlighted the mayor of Désertines. And some don’t even have 5 euros more to spend. We could have made a gesture in the very particular context of the coming year. »

Networks to be “imperatively” renewed

“I remind you that we are on a closed budget, which must be balanced. We have already made amending decisions, we have already lowered investments and we cannot lower them any longer. There are networks that absolutely must be renewed. For this, it is even the minimum that we can offer. You will have to be very smart to continue to invest, ”explained Jean-Pierre Guérin.

The example of work at the Gour du Puy plant

To illustrate the difficulties of the moment, and the increases which the community must face, Frédéric Laporte took the example of one of the first deliberations of the evening, concerning the renovation of the storage building for the processing reagents of the plant of production of drinking water from the Gour du Puy. Initially estimated at 166,000 euros excluding tax, these works will ultimately cost 288,235 euros excluding tax.

“And this is only the beginning of serious trouble,” said the chosen one. “Unfortunately, currently, it is not uncommon to have increases which sometimes go up to 30 or 50% (on calls for tenders, editor’s note)”, regretted Jean-Pierre Momcilovic, the vice-president in charge of finances.

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Michael Nicholas